Wax Cigars By Barewoods – Skywalker


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Wax Cigars By Barewoods – Skywalker

Barewoods Wax Cigars Skywalker is the latest addition to the product line and this years SO-CAL HIGH TIMES PRODUCT of the YEAR 2018. An all-in-one disposable electric wax cigar, developed with dual air intakes, double ceramic heating, and a filtration system. This is the best hitting vape pen in the market. Contains 1 gram of lab tested concentrate crafted from our BARE Signature Strains in the shape of a classic and discreet cigar, Perfect for any occasion. Now available in 8 Flavors to choose from. Patent protected.


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Barewood Cigars

Barewood cigars for sale quality and consistency above allBarewoods offers premier quality pre-rolls to patients across the board. Dedicated to consistency and an excellent marijuana experience. Barewoods provides a line of finely crafted and consistent pre-rolls so patients can reliably medicate. No matter why you’re seeking marijuana. Barewoods is the pre-roll experience on which you can count.


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Barewoods blunts for sale.

Barewoods sprung from Bare Farms. Coming together as a grower’s collective in 2007 by uniting cultivators with over 20 years of marijuana experience. They shared a common goal of getting the best possible product out there for patients.

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